J.W. Gray & Co. is the industry-leading specialists in building envelope technologies. These include roofing, waterproofing, exterior wall systems & details, and EPS molding & details. We have earned our reputation by offering the construction industry only the best products and systems using proven, cutting-edge technology. That is why, time and again developers of the most prestigious and iconic developments on the island have relied on J.W. Gray & Co.’s trusted expert offerings.


J.W. Gray & Co. proudly offers the latest innovation in synthetic profiled roofing, the Bermuda TrueRoof System.

Comprised of profiled extruded polystyrene panels, typically fastened to a reinforced cement board substrate. A fiber reinforced cementitious screed is then applied, finished with successive layers of protective reinforced mesh, and potable grade elastomeric coatings. The resulting system is a fusion of traditional esthetics, and contemporary strength and flexibility.

The Bermuda TrueRoof System offers:

  • superior low slope applications,
  • enhanced resilience and flex
  • adaptable and customizable system with an array of design options to suit most any project
  • potability compliant
  • zero storm failure rate
  • cutting edge system components


These systems utilize reinforced cloth and elastomeric coatings applied in varying degrees according to project requirements. Typical reinforced applications consist of a reinforced mesh embedded in a basecoat, which then receives successive coatings of heavy duty elastomeric coatings. The result is a system that can resists the elements, while remaining flexible enough to handle nominal substrate flex.

We offer fluid applied reinforced membrane systems featuring:

  • excellent flex and coverage protection
  • versatile applications, from minor service
  • treatments to entire field membrane installations
  • adaptable system options, allowing for overall coverage density for budget conscious applications
  • component options range from potability compliant coatings, to heavy duty grey water catchment coatings


For projects that require enduring roofing solutions for large flat areas, we offer systems based on an isocyanurate substrate, with a single ply membrane adhered and fastened over top. Pairing these two materials can provide flat roofs the slope needed for drainage, with the long lasting, superior protection afforded by a single ply membrane.

System features include:

  • customized roof taper designs, providing drainage designed according to project conditions
  • superior wind uplift resistance
  • extremely low maintenance
  • resilient membrane, resisting punctures, UV, & elemental damage
  • potability compliant
  • complete range of roofing accessories, ensuring all project conditions can receive the same level of protection
  • hot air welded seams, offering excellent protection


J.W. Gray & Co. offers a complete line of metal accessories for any roofing or waterproofing application. We can have components custom made to suit the needs of any project, accommodating any detail set forth in design.

Some of the components we offer include:

  • Through Wall Roof Scuppers
  • Complete wall coping systems
  • Fascia and esthetic vertical termination systems
  • Flashing
  • Bellow Systems


J.W. Gray & Co. specializes in the application of Gaco Western’s fluid applied deck waterproofing systems. Based on successive layers of cold fluid applied liquid urethane products, we offer systems ranging from a primary waterproofing component, to complete multi tiered systems that act as both waterproofing and finished course.

For underlay applications, we offer Gaco’s pre-Thinset applications, specifically designed for use as an underlay in areas slated to receive a tile or similar decorative topping. This system offers excellent field protection, and flashing/upstand protection, as it features the inclusion of a reglett used to tie the system into suitable vertical upstands, eliminating potential ingress points.

J.W. Gray & Co. also offers complete pedestrian decking/waterproofing applications, designed as comprehensive systems, available with optional tread courses incorporated into the assembly. This enables the system to act as both protection and finished course, offering a safe and durable non slip coating for foot traffic.
With a wide range of modifications available with these systems, we can offer protection to any suitable decking substrate, in a variety of colour options certain to accommodate most any plan.

For automobile decks and parking lots, we offer Gaco Western’s highly successful Automotive Decking system. Featuring the multi layered, reinforced application of heavy duty components, the Vehicular Decking System allows for a high degree of waterproofing protection along with the versatility to cover almost any floor area regardless of penetration. The result is a resilient system designed to withstand the rigors of repeated vehicular traffic.


Gray & Co offers a comprehensive line of Modified Bituminous products and systems designed for below grade applications when plans call for landscaping over underground structures such as parking structures. We offer the latest products and system lines from Grace Specialty products, and Soprema Industries, offering applications to suit almost any concourse requirements.
From torch down applications, to fully adhered and fastened designs we can facilitate any modified bituminous system design requisites. With components ranging from protection courses facilitating positive water flow, to reinforced granule surfaced membranes ideal for cement toppings, we have skills and the modified bituminous products to ensure most any plaza level waterproofing requirement is within our capability.


J.W. Gray & Co. offers clients a number of below grade waterproofing system choices, depending on their needs. We can treat free standing foundation walls, plazas, planters and underground parking structures. Utilizing various sheet membranes; from Self Adhering Membranes for maximum application versatility-to Self Sealing Membranes, for penetrated surfaces, we can outfit almost any conventional below grade requirement.

Protecting these membranes, we offer a full range of protection courses, designed to provide maximum protection, or facilitate drainage, or composite products that provide both.


The quintessential waterproofing element in Bermuda, J.W. Gray & Co. specializes in the application of cementitious waterproofing systems designed with potable water storage in mind. We offer brush and trowel applied cementitious coatings from leading manufacturers like BASF. The end result is a worry free waterproofing system applied to cistern storage, that is safe for potable water storage, and long lasting.


Specializing in exterior wall finishes, J.W.Gray & Co. offers a variety of exterior wall finish systems, to suit most any project requirement. From direct applied parge coats (DEFS) to classic PB systems, to fully code compliant EIFS systems complete with monolithic weather barriers, and drainage.


With extensive experience supplying and installing custom EPS moldings and building details, J.W. Gray & Co offers unsurpassed installation services, and custom made components to ensure projects are accented precisely as designed. From cornice moldings, pilasters, capitals, bands and intricate details, we can provide and install components seamlessly, ensuring both pragmatic and esthetic requirements are met.


We are pleased to offer our clients complete project scaffolding options, as they may require. With our recent acquisition of a completely modular scaffold system, we can provide customized access to any elevation of a structure as requested. Our scaffolding meets or exceeds both OSHA, and ANSI standards, and come complete with debris netting, and wide metal planks, ensuring safe and secure access to required areas.


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